Shoe Making Machinery

Shoe Making Machinery

The shoe manufacturing machinery is a complex of tools that make shoes. These machines include sole rolling machines, upper sewing machines, last lasting machines, heel lasting machines, lining finishing and stitching machines and various other accessories that are used for the production of shoes. More info Our website

Basically the shoes start out as a flat pattern of parts that are cut, marked and ready for assembly and final lasting. These parts are cut with computer-controlled drag knife cutters. The cutting can be done in one room or several, depending on the amount of production.

Once the patterns are cut and the parts are ready for assembly they are then assigned to a worker who will sew them together. Each worker is given a specific task so that they can learn quickly. This allows the QC staff to track any issues that occur.

Sustainability in Shoe Making Machinery: How to Reduce Your Carbon Footprint

The next step is to set the shapes of the toe box and heel counters with a machine that heats these counters. These are then clamped to set the shapes.

There are also sewing machines that will sew the uppers together with a waxed thread, so they are not damaged by rubbing. These machines are called Strobel machines.

This was one of the biggest innovations in shoemaking. It halved the cost of making a pair of shoes by almost a quarter.