Telehandler Course Near Me

A telehandler course near me , also known as a reach forklift or zoom boom, is a versatile piece of equipment that can be used for numerous tasks. These specialized machines can lift materials vertically or horizontally and are often employed in construction, agriculture, industrial distribution, repair and maintenance, and sanitation. These complex tools combine the hydraulic lifting capacity of a forklift with the reach and versatility of a crane. However, operating a telehandler requires specialized training and knowledge to ensure the safety of the operator and those in its vicinity.

Online telehandler courses walk workers through various machine functions and safety procedures. They cover topics like the meanings of different safety symbols, operators manual and load charts, walk-around inspections and function checks, brake types and safeguards, steering modes, loading and unloading techniques, and basic maintenance and safety protocols. The course also explains the principles of balance and stability, as well as legislative requirements.

Finding a Telehandler Course Near You: Location and Options

The CPCS A17 telehandler training course is available for novice and experienced operatives, and includes both theoretical and practical parts of the course. It covers the operation, maintenance and safety of a telehandler (also called a telescopic forklift or a boom handler). The foundation/novice A17 course is shorter than the experienced worker category A17 course.

To obtain full telehandler certification, the course must be followed by a practical assessment. This is a requirement that meets both OSHA and ANSI training standards. A practical assessment is scheduled when a candidate has passed the theory part of the course. The CPCS assessor will instruct the candidate on how to use the telehandler safely and correctly, while navigating a yard.