Connect with the French Bank Assistance Service

Besides the particularly appreciable advantages, online banks and neobanks are not without disadvantages. Certain products such as the free bank card or the opening of an account without deposit may include strict conditions to be met in order to use the product or access the service.

What is experience in customer support?

When you have a question about how you can use your bank card or the possibility of opening a new account, you can Connectez-vous avec le service d’assistance de French Bank. by phone and via our mobile application from Monday to Friday from 8 a.m. to 9 p.m. Our French advisors are located in Lille and are ready to respond directly by phone, chat or on our social networks.

The Free Banking Support Program is available in addition to a variety of occasions, starting July 2017. The program allows for a secure change of banking domicile, with the application being submitted directly to your new bank.

Why look for anything else?

Ma French Bank is part of the way of life of a hyper-connected generation and the sharing of resources. It meets their expectations thanks to the latest technological innovations: a 100% mobile experience, fully digital means of payment and useful services for everyday life. This complete banking proposal is intended for everyone and offers a range of services adapted to particular needs in a simple, flexible and secure way. The Ma French Bank bank card provides all traditional banking functions, secure payment and superior financial protection.