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Double bay plastic surgeon is a fully qualified Specialist Plastic, Reconstructive, and Cosmetic Surgeon based in Sydney, Australia. She combines the elegance of her comprehensive surgical training with an aesthetic appreciation and an understanding of your personal story to achieve safe, customized outcomes.

The Four Corners episode on Cosmos Clinic has revealed a dark underbelly in the world of cosmetic medicine. Former patients have spoken of being left devastated and with years of their lives ruined by clinics that downplay risks, put profit before patient safety and allow doctors with minimal surgical training to call themselves cosmetic surgeons.

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In one case aired on the Four Corners program, the surgery of a 39-year-old woman went wrong. The surgeon, Mark Mooney, inserted a cannula in her liver to perform liposuction and accidentally pierced the woman’s liver, causing multiple internal injuries.

Dr Mooney admitted that he had been “distracted and distracted” during the surgery and did not notice that an artery had been hit, leading to massive hemorrhaging and organ failure. The woman’s family later received a call from the hospital saying she had died.

The Cosmos Clinic defended its procedures, saying that its doctors undergo extensive training and the clinic has an excellent track record with no patient deaths. It also said that it had invested heavily in compliance and that it only performed cosmetic procedures on adults over 18 years of age. The company also said it had an expert panel that ensures safety standards are met.