Explore AI Learning Opportunities for Teachers

The AI learning opportunities available for teachers range from free introductory courses to hands-on projects that can be used in the classroom. For teachers interested in integrating AI into their classes, a good first step is to find a trusted partner that can provide guidance, support, and training. This could be a technology company, local university, or a non-profit organization that specializes in AI education. URL aiforeveryone.org

AI can also be a way for students to engage with real-world problems that they would otherwise not be able to experience. For example, many AI algorithms rely on finding patterns in large amounts of data. This can be helpful in identifying credit card fraud or analyzing MRI brain scans for signs of certain kinds of cancer. This makes it important for students to learn the underlying mathematics of AI, which requires a foundation in linear algebra, calculus, and probability.

Delve Deeper into AI: A Journey of Learning and Discovery

Other areas that can be explored with AI learning opportunities include robotics, hardware, and Arduino programming. A number of online courses are available to help students learn these skills. For example, the RAISE program at the UC San Diego Supercomputer Center offers high school students an opportunity to work with mentors on research projects and gain practical AI skills.

The RAISE program includes the “Doodle Bot” project, which introduces learners to robotics, hardware, and Arduino programming, as well as AI. Another RAISE project, the “Personal Image Classifier: PICaboo,” allows learners to work with image data and build their first machine learning model. Similarly, the “Decision Trees” project gives learners an in-depth look at a machine learning algorithm and teaches them about the process of working on an AI project.