How to Prepare for Breathwork

breathwork sessions

Breathwork is an ancient healing method in which practitioners focus on the connection between the breath and mind. Through deep, conscious breathing, the practitioner induces a relaxed state in the body. Its benefits range from improved circulation to the toning of chakras. It can also be a powerful tool for stress management and relaxation. Participants of breathwork sessions report feeling tingling throughout their bodies, feeling more alert and focused, and experiencing a sense of emotional release.

Helps Them Sharpen Their Focus

The sessions may be physically intense, so anyone with a history of health problems should consult their physician before beginning a breathwork session. However, breathwork has helped many people with depression, repressed trauma, chronic pain, anger issues, and other mental and emotional conditions. Additionally, some people find that breathwork increases their creativity and helps them sharpen their focus.

To prepare for a breathwork session, you must make sure you have a comfortable space to practice. Use a yoga mat or blanket to lie flat and avoid distractions. Also, avoid eating at least 90 minutes before your session to avoid digesting food. You may also want to use headphones. If you do, be sure the sound is loud enough.

Advanced breathwork techniques may also create new spiritual experiences. In some cases, people experience healing, while others report psychosis. Before participating in an advanced breathwork session, be sure to consult with a health professional and do your research.