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Although merle poodles have a neutral disposition, they are often unruly. As such, proper obedience training is essential to prevent problems such as excessive barking or chewing on furniture. The mellow temperament of a well-loved Merle Poodle makes them an excellent family dog. These dogs have an affectionate, loyal nature and can be happy with older children as well as babies. Their vocalizations can bring you much joy and happiness, as they’re always looking for affection and attention. Learn more about merle poodle

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The merle gene alters the base coat color and eye pigment. This can cause blue eyes or even a part of them to be dark. Other symptoms of merle poodles include mottled pink and black paw pads and irregular skin. The mutation isn’t harmful to the poodle, but it can have serious consequences if the dog has repeated seizures. Regardless of the cause, it’s vital to understand that merle poodles are prone to certain health problems.

A merle poodle is a dog breed that’s considered a purebred. To be called a Merle Poodle, the parents of the dog must have the Merle gene. While this doesn’t necessarily make the dog a purebred, it is still a highly desirable trait. The color and pattern of merle pooches is a product of deliberate breeding.