Locating Solicitors in Dublin

If you need legal advice about a specific issue, it is important to consult with a qualified Solicitors Dublin. The Law Society of Ireland website has a comprehensive list of registered solicitors in the County of Dublin. The website has updated details daily and makes it easy for you to locate a lawyer in your area.

There are several well-known firms in Dublin that provide legal assistance. Some of these firms have been in business for over 35 years. Peter Connolly Solicitors are one such firm. They aim to provide clients with a high level of service by focusing on transparency and approachability. This Dublin-based firm provides legal services to individuals and companies and represents them before the courts of Ireland.

Solicitors must pass an examination set by the Law Society. These exams are held at Blackhall Place in Dublin. Solicitors must also complete an apprenticeship of two years before they can practice law. A solicitor can help people with various types of legal problems. This may include personal injury, accident, or defence cases.

Unlike lawyers, solicitors are not required to wear a formal attire in court. However, when they are involved in a case, they sit opposite a barrister who asks questions about a client’s case. Experienced solicitors can also become senior counsel. When this happens, they are still solicitors but will use the letters SC after their names.