Pilates Machine – Get the Best Use Out of Your Exercise Equipment

pilates machine

Most commonly known as “Kettlebells”, Pilates machine is one of the first types of Pilates fitness equipment to become popular in the 1980s. Originaly developed by Joseph Pilates, it has been around since the mid-section of the 20th century. Most popular Pilates exercises are performed on this kind of machine – including the pelvic tilt, the stretch, and the plank. Pilates reformer is also one of the earliest forms of Pilates fitness equipment to become popular. It features an iconic piece of Pilates fitness equipment named the Reformer, which makes use of a series of pulleys and springs to give varying resistance in several different positions.


Some years ago, some people have even tried to create their own Pilates machine. This is because at that time, many people believed that Pilates methods are best done with the assistance of machines. Although there are many people who still believe in the effectiveness of Pilates method, the development of Pilates machines did help in simplifying the practice and helping people who can’t afford to hire a personal trainer to do Pilates for them. This machine, the Pilates method of exercising was introduced in the marketplace just at the right time when people were finally recovering from the post-World War II “Gentleman’s Disease” and were looking for ways to keep fit. The end result of the invention of these machines was a new way of staying in shape.


There are different types of Pilates machines in the market today. One of them is the Pilates machine reformer. Although the reformer is not actually considered a Pilates machine, it can be considered a form of Pilates exercises because it can reformulate your movement. It is important to note that you should consult a trained instructor before buying a Pilates machine or a Pilates exercise equipment. An individual must also read about the movements in the Pilates manual so that he will know how he will be able to perform his exercises properly.