Pools and Cue Collections Are the Best

Located in beautiful Lake Geneva, within the Mandore area are the Pools and Cue Company which are operated by Jack Mandore. Unassuming but quite popular pool retailer offering not only pool & hot tub supplies but dart boards & billiards as well. Jack grew up in Ohio, a state famous for its rich culture and well known for many outdoor activities. It wasn’t until he was 38 years old that he decided to try his luck in the business world. Now with over 40 years experience in the pool supply industry, he has made himself quite the expert at what he does best – providing customers with high quality products at reasonable prices.

Pools And Cue: An Incredibly Easy Method That Works For All

The Pools and Cue Company’s main product categories are Pools and Cue Collections. The company also offers pool cleaning, repairing, and restoration as well as general pool maintenance and repair services. Their Pools Collection products include Pool Chips, Freezings, Flip Charts, Loop Pumps, Pop Up Pumps, Saltwater and All Purpose Pool Pumps, Installation Pumps, and Sand Pumps. They have been able to establish a name and a reputation for high quality pool supplies, that the competition doesn’t offer. One of the best selling products they have is their biochar line, an innovation in pool supplies that uses natural biochar, charcoal derived from decayed plant and animal material, to enhance the water quality and eco-friendliness of a pool.

This new product works similar to a charcoal sand paper that, when added to the pool’s water, breaks down the organic material of the pool lining, creating a chemical-free environment that improves the clarity and pH of the water. By using these new bio-char products instead of the standard pool lining materials, the company has lowered costs while increasing production and producing smaller pools as well. Pools and Cue Collections are not only the major product lines but are the most popular of all their products. Pools and Cue collections are environmentally friendly and are manufactured using only approved green materials that work towards a better planet. So if you’re looking for a company that offers great customer service, a high quality product line, a great warranty, a great selection, easy installation and professional warranties, you need to check out Pools and Cue Collections, they are without a doubt the best company in pooling supply.