Taylor Swift’s Fragrances: A Closer Look

Taylor Swifts Fragrances A Closer Look

Taylor Swift’s Fragrances: A Closer Look

Taylor Swift’s Fragrances: A Closer Look one of the most influential celebrities of our time, it’s no secret that Grammy-winning singer and songwriter Taylor Swift has made quite a name for herself in many areas beyond music. From acting roles to self-directing music videos, she’s an all-around talent with a fiercely dedicated fanbase. Taylor has also become a fashion and beauty icon, inspiring fans with her signature makeup looks and bold fragrance choices. Her scents are a perfect match for her bold style, with Taylor-inspired perfumes like Santal Blush and Flowerbomb being especially popular.

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Taylor first introduced her line of perfumes with Wonderstruck and its flanker, Wonderstruck Enchanted, which hit the market in 2011. Then, in 2014, Taylor released Incredible Things, a floral woody musk fragrance with top notes of pink pepper and grapefruit, middle notes of suede, passion flower and vanilla orchid, and base notes of Madagascar vanilla, Haitian vetiver and white amber. This scent was a nod to the singer’s Red album era and its lyric “Incredible things are happening” and her transition to pop.

The following year, she released her final fragrance of the Taylor Swift perfume line, Made of Starlight. This fragrance was a departure from the previous Taylor fragrances, with a more mature scent and an elegant black box packaging. While it is no longer available, you can get a similar Taylor-inspired fragrance with Dossier’s Floral Sandalwood and Fairytale perfume.