The Benefits Of Windshields And Motorcycle Helmet Visors

visor helmet

One of the most recognizable parts of a motorcycle helmet is its visor, which protects the driver’s eyes from wind, debris, and dust. The original Visor Shark model by Piranha, which was the very first production visor helmet, has a clear visor that is attached to the top of the helmet. The new Visor Shark Wind Shield model by Piranha is a revolutionary concept for today’s motorcycle helmet visors. Its polycarbonate shell eliminates the need for a visor to protect the rider’s eyes from wind or debris. It also reduces heat buildup underneath the helmet. Its anti-scratch coating helps to prevent damage to the visor over time, and its overhangs also help reduce heat buildup.


A traditional visor helmet is usually hinged at the brow level, with the mouthpiece hinged to the side. To secure the helmet in place, a strap is often used that pushes the helmet up over the forehead. In addition to the wind and debris reduction, there are many other benefits to using a high quality visor helmet with uv protection. Many manufacturers have introduced a sporty version of the basic visor helmet that features uv protection as well. Some of the manufacturers include Bell, Tacx, Goggles, and Thompson.


Another option to keep your visor clean is to periodically give it a thorough cleaning using mild soap and water. If you’re not comfortable with cleaning your motorcycle helmet visors on your own, there are plenty of helmet cleaning kits available for purchase. No matter what model of helmet you’re riding on today, make sure you wear a high quality visor to protect your eyes and ensure that you have a clear vision while riding.