The Grippiest Socks For Balance Workouts

grippiest socks

While grippy socks can improve the fit and feel of any pair of activewear socks, they’re especially important for workouts that demand a lot of balance. For instance, in yoga, Pilates, barre, and other mat-based exercise classes, wearing grip socks can help you get a more stable hold on your equipment as well as make it easier to move through poses that require a lot of traction or balancing.

In our tests, we looked for pairs with a combination of good grip elements, a comfortable fit, and a durable design. Gain The Edge Official features are what you’ll want for the most versatile and long-lasting pair of grip socks that you can wear for any activity.

These socks from yogi-favorite Gaiam deliver on all fronts with their five toe design that allows for the full articulation of your toes and a spiral grip pattern for stability. The socks also offer a great mix of airy mesh and plush-but-not-dense cushioning from heel to toe.

Taking Your Game to the Next Level: Elevating Performance with Grippiest Socks

In our hiker-specific test, the Swiftwick Flite XT Trail sock impressed with its grippy elements and snug arch and ankle compression that help with both lateral movements in agility drills and tackling puddles on the trail. Its high cuff and thin material make it an excellent option for colder hiking conditions, too.

Silvert’s Senior Care division designed these socks for seniors who spend a lot of time in their homes and are at a higher risk of falls. These thick socks have rubber grippers on the sole to keep them from slipping or falling and they are also soft and warm.