Top 5 Must Do Activities in Bali to Score Great Vacation

A small island in Bali, ytt bali | The Istana (pronounced: “YehT Bali”) is found on the east coast of Bali and has only a few hundred permanent residents. For this small population, every year hundreds of tourists from across Asia come to take advantage of this beautiful and serene island paradise. Most of these tourists are from Australia. For this reason, there are many things you can do in Bali to experience the rich and interesting culture of this Indonesian island. Here are some of the top must-do activities for you on your trip to Ytt Bali.

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Among the many things you can do in Bali, mountain climbing is the most popular activity here. Mount Agung and Mount Ubud are the two best known mountain climbing destinations in Bali. You can also go trekking and hiking in other parts of the island. Some areas in Bali have even been designated as nature parks. Here you can experience the scenic and relatively safe environment that accompanies mountain climbing.

If you are into surfing and snorkeling, then sea and sand are what you should head for. The sea at Ytt Bali is world renowned for its excellent surfing opportunities. The best time to try out the sport is during the wet season, June to September. There are a number of beaches in the vicinity, and each has a number of amazing surfers waiting to get a turn at the waves. This makes sea and sand the perfect place to go surf vacationing.