Turnitin AI Detection

turnitin ai detection

Turnitin ai detection is an advanced feature that allows educators to identify AI-generated text in student submissions. It is currently available to institutions that license Turnitin Feedback Studio, TFS with Originality, or Simcheck. Educators can access the AI writing detection indicator within their Similarity Report.

The AI writing how to pass ai detection feature is designed to maintain a low false positive rate while accurately identifying instances of AI-written content in submissions. To accomplish this, it relies on the ongoing development of its language models and real-world submission data. However, due to limitations in the current technology, there is a chance that the system will miss up to 15% of AI-written content in documents with more than 20% AI writing detected.

While the AI detection tool does not determine misconduct, it provides instructors with relevant evidence to make appropriate assessments based on their institution’s policies and their discretion. Additionally, it can help them identify plagiarism by highlighting segments of text that are likely to be AI-generated.

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To view an AI detection report, log in to your Feedback Studio account and upload a submission. You can then view the Similarity Report, which will display a percentage of the submission that was determined to be AI-generated. The AI detection report will also highlight the segment of text that was identified as AI-generated in blue.

AI detection works best for long-form English documents, such as essays or papers. The algorithm does not reliably detect AI-generated text in short-form submissions, such as lists or outlines, or in non-English languages. However, as AI technology continues to evolve, Turnitin is working on expanding the model’s capabilities to detect content from other language models.