Wet Pour Repair Kits

wet pour repair kits

Wet pour wet pour repair kits  is great for schools and public play areas however, like all surfaces it needs to be looked after properly. Keeping up with a proactive maintenance strategy will help lengthen the surface’s lifespan and make sure any damage is attended to straight away, avoiding costly repairs in the future.

We offer a range of wet pour repair kits that have been specifically designed to be easy to use for any school or business that has an impact absorbing rubber surface installed. Each kit contains the perfect ratio of rubber and specialist binder to enable you to carry out small localised repairs yourself on site. We can provide these DIY kits with either base (SBR) or wearing course (EPDM) rubber depending on the extent of the repair required.

“Rubber Surfacing for Playgrounds: A Soft Landing for Safety and Fun

The kits are supplied in a bucket that acts as the mixing container and includes a polyurethane primer, brush applicator and pair of gloves. They also include full installation instructions.

If you notice damage to your wet pour surface it’s important that it gets fixed as quickly as possible, to avoid any potential trip hazards. It’s also a good idea to carry out regular inspections, so you can spot any damages or problems early on, before they become too big to resolve or even worsen over time.

If you’re looking to carry out a more substantial recap of your existing impact absorbing rubber surface, this can be achieved by a process called slurry bonding. This enables you to resurface the existing surface without having to rip up the whole area.