What Type of Aquarium Plant Should You Choose?

aquarium plant

There is a wide variety of aquarium plant  available, suited to different areas of the tank or aquascape. Ground-covering plants can cover large areas and offer a lawn or carpet like appearance. Foreground plants can be used to cre ate a transition between the ground-covering plants and the background plants. Plants that grow into the middle ground can be used to add height to the aquarium and some plants such as egeria and bolbitis are epiphytic so can be grown attached to driftwood or rockwork.

For the back of the aquarium there are a number of plants which will grow tall, providing a nice backdrop for your fish and other aquatic creatures to enjoy. These plants include Anubias barteri and its various cultivars, Ludwigia repens and many others.

“Choosing the Perfect Aquarium Plant: A Guide to Selecting and Caring for Aquatic Greenery

Some plants such as crypts and Madagascar lace will grow in the substrate to form an attractive bush or mat. These are known as rhizome plants and have a different growth structure to other plants which grow from a stem or leaf. Rhizome plants have a central rhizome which the leaves and stems are attached to. Adding a bit of sand or gravel to your tank will help the rhizome plant anchor itself in the soil so it stays firm.

Many rhizome plants can be propagated using the node method of plant propagation. This involves snipping off a small portion of the rhizome, sterilizing your scissors and submerging it in water. It will quickly start forming roots and a new complete plant will be formed. You should snip the branch close to the leaf nodes as this is where they are most likely to root, creating thicker branches.